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Hip hop dancers wear: pants made of thick cotton or polyester, a black jumpsuit, a tight-fitting long-sleeved white shirt, a white dress with a slit top, and high heels.

The fashion

What kind of girls do hip hop dancers attract?

It depends on who you ask. “Most [girls] are very artistic with their wardrobe. When I met her, she was the artist in me,” one club owner told CNN. “She brought a certain artistic vibe to the club and gave it a much-deserved boost.” Other girls have told a similar story: Girls are attracted to hip hop dancers because they’re “intelligent, self-confidence, and they want to become successful.”

Why? Because hip hop is a visual sport — it’s often “about the dance — and girls who participate in that sport are looking for a strong, independent woman,” one club owner told CNN. One club owner explained how girls find her “more than just a dancer.”

“The girls are drawn to [Hip Hop] because they connect to the image they see. They think, ‘Oh that’s me.'”

Which dancers have more experience?

Friends join forces to share their passion for dance ...
A club owner told CNN that “female hip hop artists tend to be more experience and sophisticated in their dance work and their personality.”

What makes a good dancer?

There are a number of factors that help a hip hop dancer win her audience over. A club owner tells CNN that dancers at the club “are always on their toes” — they’re “very skilled with their moves and really passionate about their work.” She added that women “are generally less self-conscious” about their dance work – the kind of thing that’s easy to mimic. And dancers can also be judged by how much they know about hip hop. “Hip hop is very much a visual sport and the style is so versatile,” the club owner told CNN. “The dancers are seen as talented and not self-conscious. They have a greater depth in their understanding of the art form and the dance.”

Does being cool factor into the hip hop experience?

Not necessarily. “The music is such a part of hip hop, that if you’re not that into it, nothing else makes a difference,” a club owner tells CNN. She told us that the club only ever asked female hip hop dancers about their music taste, so their preference was pretty much a guess. Still, if a

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