What is dancing for you? – What Is Social Dances Examples Of Alliteration

We dance for every single living soul on this planet as a tribute of our love and gratitude to the Goddess for our lives.

A Dance-a-thon (a series of parties)?

Yes, we have dancing parties but we also have dance festivals as well! Come to our event and have your picture taken with our Goddess!

What is the main theme of each season?

We have the main theme of every season, such as “May, May” or “Autumn, Autumn”. We have one dance party a year, the May party. We have a dance festival that has two dance parties, each of them takes place for a day and a day only, so we can have a very fun experience.

Are there any age limitations?

We are flexible, we are a group of 18 and up so you will find our attendees range from 18 to 70 plus years of age. You will find our venue to be very large and intimate, but we try to keep it as small as possible to prevent any distractions, so there won’t be a crush!

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Do I have to bring my own party gear?

No, you don’t have to bring your own party gear like tshirts and blankets. When you get there, make sure to ask us what party attire you need just in case. We have been told not to bring backpacks, or any other small things like that, which we consider to be a nuisance and would not know what to do with.

What is the cost for a party?

We have a $100 per-person fee to provide some basic supplies to ensure everyone has a wonderful time. We have been told that a party of a size like ours will be very crowded with a whole lot of people and we would not like to take that risk. We are expecting a party full of fun, and we want everyone to attend, so we encourage everyone to be there.

What are the hours for our event? What time will you be there? Please let us know!

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