Why is the waltz important? – Popular Social Dances

Why is it beautiful? Why is love important? Does one’s life ever end? All questions? It is important because it keeps you sane, because it encourages you to work hard and to love, and it is a dance. It is not the sum of all life and all good things, but is a constant of all life and all good things. It is beautiful because it requires so much of each person and everyone. It is meaningful. It is important for those who are good or decent, or for those who are just trying to have fun. It is important because it is a dance.

This is how we have all learned it: From looking at people.

Waltz 101:

France Winddance Twine - Wikipedia
1. Make sure the people you’re doing it with are beautiful

2. Make sure to get the people you love to do it with you

3. Make sure to get everybody else to do it with you

4. Make sure not to go crazy

5. Take your time

6. Ask the other person what this feels like

7. Tell them what you want their reaction to be

8. Make sure to keep your eye on the road ahead

9. Stay warm, but not too hot

10. Drink plenty of water

11. Eat some chocolate

12. Have fun


As a result of this recent poll, I think my opinion of the U.S. Senate in 2017 has changed quite a bit. I can safely be called a Clinton Republican this year. I’m also happy with President Trump’s presidency thus far. However, the results of this poll may provide some evidence for whether or not Trump is making the right decisions to help the country.

From the poll:

President Trump has done what his critics have said he can’t.

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