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It was founded in the mid-twentieth century by a band called the Blackfoot. They became the foundation of dance throughout North America, Europe, China, Korea and Japan from the mid-1950s onward.

“It involves a lot of dance and movement with minimal music” says Kim, who studies the Blackfoot culture.

It has been around for 300 years, and has spread to countries around the world – especially in parts of Africa, Latin America and Asia, where the dance has grown up in a different way.

“It’s got many roots but in its simplest form it is about movement with minimal music” says Kim.

So are modern dance styles today the same as what they were in the early days?

“It is hard to say,” says Kim. “The dance that we know today might be very different from the dances that existed in past centuries.”

A few days ago, one of my co-workers, a good man named Josh, sent me his opinion on a recent Facebook post by a group called “GMO Free America.” The comment below the post was about a photo of this child looking very pretty, taken with a camera, and labeled “Monsanto’s latest, highest-impact plant.” I thought about the photo for a minute, and then I did a quick search of my own to see what the photo was all about. It was, to put it mildly, upsetting.

The photo in question was taken in February of last year, and depicts a 4-year old girl playing with the “GMO Free America” logo. The photo also featured an advertisement from Monsanto (the same corporate entity responsible for creating GMO crops, corn, soy, canola, and sugar beets), which the photo caption referred to as “Our #1 choice for organic produce!” There was also a link to a page with the same name, which showed Monsanto’s claim that Roundup Ready corn and soy yield twice as well as traditional crops (not all organic food claims are true).

It is the nature of science that, once a theory is supported by rigorous experiment, its proponents become highly persuasive, but there are some people who are willing to challenge the findings, particularly if the results are not borne out by the experimental system. To be clear, GMO Free America is not a group of scientists advocating for the introduction of GMO food into our food supply. They are a marketing company that uses social media platforms to spread the false information about GMOs,

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