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WOW! Who will win in this matchup?

More on this tomorrow.

The big question: How much of the season has the team improved?

A lot of people expect to see a big improvement in the offseason, but there are a few things that will come together as the season continues.

First, we got to see the team win its first exhibition match against the Chicago Red Stars. This team is still young — the youngest since the 2012-13 season — and this team is still on the fringes of the league. Their performance in that game showed how they are a top 20 team in terms of talent and ability, but they are still trying to get used to each other and the culture of the sport. The Red Stars were an excellent match-up for us and they know the team.

Secondly, we had to show that we can be competitive. The first three games of the season were rough, and our ability to compete in those games did not match up with the league’s expectations. The players showed they can compete, but we had the chance to show that we can play against the top teams. We got into that groove, and the results started to come.

That is the next step. We had an opportunity last week in Toronto to win a game and put ourselves in a good position to do so on Saturday. What we learned from that is that the team can overcome mistakes and be competitive, and that’s a sign to get better. Those are the things we worked on — we put in a lot of work to try and improve on those things and make the mistakes and move on.

The second step will be to get those adjustments in their own games. Our opponent has been really good this season, so it will be interesting to see how we matchup in their game because they are a higher skilled team with a lot more depth. Our best bet is to have a little bit of a lead and continue competing as long as we can.

It started to get hot for us with our play last week. Last week in New Jersey we started to get things going for us and we had four goals in that game and we showed the team that it is possible to play well under pressure. What we are hoping can come out of these four games will be that we can build that momentum going into the playoffs and help us get through the first round.

How did you feel your performance in Toronto compared to the previous game?

I felt

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