What is modern dance style?

“It is not a genre, it’s more of an attitude/approach. It has to do with the movement and the energy of modern dance, the feel and the flow. When someone says, ‘modern dance style,’ they mean something like house, but they also mean hip-hop, rap and R&B.”

When Google announced that its Nexus 4 would launch with the HTC BoomSound speakers attached, the company was quick to point out the benefits of the speakers, calling them “the next-generation speaker system” for the Nexus 4. Well, as it turns out, Google may have just revealed a hidden feature in Android 4.4 KitKat called “Google Audio Recorder,” which, in essence, enables an audiophile-grade recording system.

From the product page:

“Google Audio Record lets you record audio clips directly to your internal memory. You can also send audio clips directly from the Google Cast-enabled Nexus and Nexus 9 devices to your smartphone. And for the first time in Android, Google can use Google Cardboard to make full 3D audio recording of your Google Cardboard-enabled phone possible.”

The “Google Cardboard” feature, however, is not compatible with the Nexus 4, and the product listing doesn’t seem to confirm whether there are currently plans to bring this functionality to other models.

Google Audio Recorder works just like the standard “Record” action on most other Android devices, though on the Nexus 4, the user can now send the audio audio clips directly to an external microphone for “Google Cardboard” experiences. It’s unclear, though, if Google will allow for use of the “Record” action with other audio-capturing devices, or if Google actually plans to support other types of third-party headsets, such as Google Glass.

The “Record” action also appears to work with the Nexus 7, as the Google Audio Recorder app shows up on the device as a menu item for the “Audio Recorder” action that was previously available on the Nexus 7 with the Nexus 7’s software.

From The Vault – Fallout Wiki

” Let’s go, it’s time for the next Big Daddio stunt! ”

Big Daddio, the Big Daddio, is a character in Fallout: New Vegas.

Big Daddio’s nickname in Fallout: New Vegas is the “Big Daddy.” He has a big ego of his own, and constantly complains about people. Daddio