Why is Dance important in our life?

Do you have dance experience? Have you played dance with children? Dance is always a pleasure, even if we are not playing it. I used to play with my daughter all the time in school and in the street. I used it from 1st to 9th, 9th to 15th Grade, 15th level, with both boys and girls, both boys and girls. It is just an amusement. But with the youngsters, it is very important for them to dance.

What do you think about children’s dancing that makes you happy?

With children dancing, we try to teach them lessons about what we like about dance to show them and we try to help them with their own dance steps, how to perform them and how to help them in developing their skills. We use a lot of video, and we put a lot of our love for dance on the big screen.

I think when you are working with little girls, it is very important that you have a mother who supports you a lot. There is a long term relationship between a mother and the child – we teach them how to dance and why we like it in an open way and without any expectations.

Do you have any dance lessons yourself?

If you are interested, we can arrange and organise with you. You can play with friends if you want to, or come in front of our studio. We are open to new dancers and if you have your love for dancing we can teach you to the best of our abilities.

In his speech, Mr. Bush offered no specifics about his ideas, but made a few general points about an economy that he said needs to be reformed to produce prosperity.

At the same time, he did not address the underlying problems that have kept a rising share of the workforce from ever becoming fully productive. These include inadequate economic training, a lack of capital and a failure by policy makers to help those who are unemployed.

The unemployment rate, 6.8 percent, was the highest among the developed world’s industrialized nations in 2001, at 7.1 percent. It was the highest in 18 years, beginning in mid-1997, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Statistics Canada data.

Bharatanatyam Classical Dance - History, Clothing, Exponents
“It’s hard for people to look their children in the eye and say, ‘I’ve left my job, my family, and my country to put my kids through college,’ ” said Stephen Moore of New York University, who writes a blog, “The Independents’ Guide