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The word is derived from the first two letters of the four-letter name of dancing:


SED is the dance the word ‘sodom’ means (or, more accurately, means) to punish. It is the dance of a tyrant or the slave owner to punish its slaves, so that they are in fact slaves, and have not the right to speak. So, it is an ugly thing to dance in, to treat people that way, because it is really an ugly thing to be a slave. It is much more ugly, in this manner, than prostitution for a high-class woman in the presence of a common man, who has much pleasure in seeing her naked. Therefore, it is called ‘sodom’, because in the midst of the slave-master the slave, who has been stripped, is put on the rack (as all other children, in all this horrible world, are on the rack); and from that moment forth the slave will remain in the state of his present status, or not even of his present status, depending on the degree of his own servitude, and is left, like the poor sheep, naked in the dark, and without hope of redemption to bring him out from the shame that is in him.

(Italics mine.) [1]. This is from the fourth Gospel of St. Matthew on slavery and the Gospel of St. Luke on the same matters .

[2]. John Chrysostom, Homily 6 (Tit. 13, Qq. 7), in Bk. 7, Ch. 3.

[3]. Lk 16 (10) says that ‘they who dance to God, or to their gods, or to the music of brass or to the lyre, are slaves;’ and so forth. John Chrysostom, Homily 6/4 (Tit. 13, Qq. 7), in QQ/12.

[4]. Lk 5 (11) says that the people call a slave ‘welcome’ who enters one’s house.

[5]. Cf. the passage in the book of Wisdom.
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[6]. St. Justin Martyr, Sermon 1, in Matt 9.1-1.

[7]. St. Gregory Palamas, Sermon 2, in Matt 9.4-6.

[8]. St. Justin Martyr, Homily 5, Sermons 4 and 5, in Matt

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