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Dance parties have more than two million participants every year, with the majority of them women, who wear the same or something similar for the entire event. This is known as a “dance-based social gathering.”

Are there places at colleges to buy a dance or are they only at places of religious worship?
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The dance party form can take on more than one form, but most dance parties are held on either the student’s own dime (a dance party), at the request of a club or a church (a religious dance party), or as part of a campus function of some sort (where the dance party is held off campus). Some dance parties have moved past the notion of a church as the venue for the party. A dance party can also be held outside of of a church for that matter. A college party typically requires that the party be off campus and involves some kind of social function or festival, and some churches do offer a dance party event of their own.

Some dances have been changed by changing their names or the specific form of the dance, while others have remained static over time. Here are a few things you might see in a college dance party:

Dance of the Year- An event that happens on the first day of school that has no specific set rules or regulations that limit what can be done or what will be held. Typically, the event tends to focus on the group of dancers (generally around 2 to 5 people total) doing a dance that is associated with their chosen college. The date usually corresponds to the start of school (usually in early August).

Crawl- A group of dancers and hosts who are in a group and have been asked to dance at this particular location by a dance club or local club.

Sketch- A short dance that has not been changed and has a general theme associated to the person leading and participating.

Dance Night- A dance night where a particular social function is held, usually after a dance party, with the focus of the entire party being centered around the students. Typically the dance night is held after dinner, after the dance club has taken over the club, or when a new DJ is brought in by the dance club. However when one is talking about a dance night, there are many aspects that do not typically occur.

Dance Week- A major event that takes place in the fall or spring that lasts from the weekend of the dance party to the weekend prior to the first day

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