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When people talk about the ballet of ancient Greece, people talk about ancient classical music but they don’t usually imagine the modern classical repertoire (that is, from classical music to the current popular repertoire). When people talk about classical ballet, people are often thinking of contemporary music. However, the original purpose of ballet was to produce drama and drama was not the purpose of classical music.

Can classical music be considered a classical art form?

Yes, classical music includes the ancient Greek and Byzantine repertoire, but it has different aspects and characteristics. It is not a pure entertainment form. Classical music is an expressive art form and as such has certain formal features. In a word, classical music includes different features and characteristics. For example, the musical pieces developed by artists from different musical genres and different times are equally interesting and, hence, deserve a place in classical music. For example, music composed in the 15th century BC (from Classical music to modern popular music) is more interesting than music composed in the 10th century AD (from classical music to contemporary popular music). On the other hand, Bach’s works, such as his concertos, are not part of classical music; they are more music for classical singers.

So when is classical music the same as classical ballet? In contemporary music, we find that it is very similar to classical music and has many features of classical music. However, classical dance and opera are different in many respects. Classical music is the classical art form (thereby, it is considered the most valuable form of entertainment). Also, classical drama (in its various forms) is a more or less distinct artistic form and it has different aspects and characteristics from classic music. This is why classical music and classical drama are different.

How is modern music different from classical music?

Modern musical forms are similar to classical music at the same level of musical structure but their structure is somewhat different. For example, the major scale in Western classical music is about 500-800 notes. This scale is used in traditional classical music. Modern contemporary music has about 500-700 notes, which is a lot of notes than classical music! This difference makes modern music more similar (in terms of musical structure) to classic music and more modern in musical style.

There is an increase in quality and complexity of contemporary popular music compared to ancient classical music. This is primarily due to a higher number of producers, performers and writers of popular music. For example, the American pop music industry has the largest number of artists

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