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Cotton fabric has a very high viscosity, making them difficult to paint and more difficult to seal. If all seams are sealed, the interior of the garment will shrink and you’ll have a very poor fit.

Can I just take scissors to the fabrics on my garments?

Yes! You can cut them out with any sharp object on your hands. However be sure you wash your hands before and after cutting so you don’t damage the stitching. A sharp object will leave marks that are permanent and difficult to remove.

Can I make my own cloths?

We make everything in-house.

We will give you a refund without hassle if you do not like your order

However, we do not accept returns after the first week due to the extremely nature of our designs

We do not accept returns on new designs or re-stocks if it is not as good as the original.

Our orders will be held for 2 days, or for the size you order, whichever comes first.

All of our garments will be hand-made, so they do change shape, size and colour over time.

If you do not absolutely love your garment, we will refund your payment without hassle

Will my order be made with cotton or rayon?

We provide 100% cotton in our designs. However rayon, nylon, silk and spandex are all available on your order.

How long does it take to make my first garment?

We offer a 1-3 week turnaround time for your first garment depending on its complexity. All our garments include our 100% cotton, canvas and leather insoles with our unique embroidery.

Cotton garments take the longest to dress; Rayon garments take a little longer to finish but take no more time than cotton.

Carpet is not available for our designs, however it is also available for other items in our shop.

We will always give a full refund if you are not completely satisfied.

What are the sizing charts?

Our size charts are based on our sizes with the standard US measurements. For international customers we strongly suggest you use the US chart as our size labels are more difficult to read.

If you are wearing a long sleeved sleeve shirt, please go to our size chart after you order and enter the correct measurements for that shirt.

Size Chart:

Small Small Medium Large XLarge King XL

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