How do I start spray paint art? – Fremont Street Spray Paint Artists

First things first, decide what style your character is in, is she/he like a fighter or an explorer, etc. Start building up a collection of props. Make sure those props can be placed on the character as well.

Then, you want to find a painting medium to create your project. There are multiple methods you could consider and I’ll cover just a few in depth below.

Tulle paints

These paints have a very strong yellow base color, so there is a lot of vibrant yellows that can be used to create the most interesting paint strokes. For a fast start, try spray painting just 1 coat into a piece. However, for a more complex project try to do multiple coats. I’d say to start with a 5 or 6-color mix of tulle/pumpkin, then add a touch of white to seal the design you have.

Inkjet paints

You definitely like these, but not for the same reason you’re looking at the above paints. They are more of a neutral color, with very few colors in between and the end result is a softer look to the paint strokes.

When painting at home or a small space, I suggest using a light brush or a very light color to paint away the base color. The end result should almost be a gradient.

For a more abstract style, you could even use a medium-weight medium like ink, water or spray paint.


A very cool ink spray is called Bubbles and is a nice blend of different oils. I really like how it creates a bright, beautiful gloss and looks like a thin sheet of gloss paint. It works pretty well too.


Ink brushes are the perfect tool for beginners and I will be sharing some tips for this, just have patience as they can be a lot of work. First of all, get your paint colors just right, and then use your lightest, driest, most vibrant colors to paint your design. Make sure your brush is very thin, because if the paint dries at all, your design will not be nice. For more tips on paint brush tips check out this post.

How do I spray art?

You can purchase a spray paint like the ones above or paint the outline of your design on the wall, or use a spray bottle or any other medium. It is a lot of work and it takes a while to create the perfect results

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