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With Spray Painting, the most common application is as a high contrast art effect on a wall. You use special primer or paint or the original paint by hand to achieve the desired effect. Most kits come with 3-4 colors, and depending on the amount of spray paint used, it may take several coats of paint to achieve the correct effect. The results can be impressive and stunning!

Why can’t I use the original paint?

Due to the unique nature of spray paints you cannot reproduce every detail of a piece of art. The surface of paint is also very hard, so you will never get the exact color and definition that the artist intended to achieve. If you choose to use a different paint than the artist, you can try to emulate it with a brush, and if it works well, that’s great. But the artist never intended to recreate the paint by hand on any surface. You should therefore have complete confidence in the results that you achieve by using a different paint.

Can I spray paint on my nails?

Yes. Most kits have several different materials to use on your nail. They range from silicone mousse or lacquer to clear nail polish. For example, the Clear Nail Polish Kit also comes with 5 different colors of clear nail polish. But most kits also come with spray cans and paints to use on your nails. Most of the commercial kits have multiple paints to choose from including a variety of products to achieve the desired effect.

Will you change the colors in my kit?

Yes, we are constantly improving our kits to offer more options. If you have any question about the colors or how to use them, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What is the best application of spray paint for me?

We hope that you love using spray paint. To make it easier for you guys, we have collected some of the best pictures of the best spray paint uses on our website. You may also find this image on the other pages too.

Do I have to use a paint for a specific purpose?

No! You can use any paint to spray paint, but some people like to use special spraypaints, such as acrylics (to achieve a more vibrant effect), or water-based paint such as acrylics or acrylic liquid paint. But when you use the same paint over and over, you will find it difficult to achieve those great results.

Please note that the use of a very sharp paintbrush or paint brush is

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