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I just finished a 5 gallon plastic tank that cost me over $600. Not only that but my tank is made of wood and is not the brightest white I’ve ever seen. After reading all the posts and reading other comments, I started looking for a “rustoleum” tank. I found a couple of other people who were having the same issue. They were using an 8 gallon tank for a rustoleum tank and had the same issue.

My tank is 4x3x6 or so. I bought an 8 gallon tank to use to see if I could add another 2 gallons to save money. I was able to put this thing onto the ground and I could not see my water in it. As soon as I used the water I noticed it was turning a yellow. (I’ll give an answer on how to fix this below)

I’ve made these types of posts before. Most people were having the water at this point but it is a newbie thing so it’s hard to give a number and a date.

I am not in a position to put in an offer for advice on this matter. I am trying to save money. I will answer for that one at a later date.

I have been working at a hardware store and have been trying to stay in business. I am in charge of running the office. What do you guys think?

I hope this helps.

Cheers all


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