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A woman who is accused of sexually assaulting another woman in Fort Lauderdale has been arrested in Arizona. (Published Friday, Sept. 30, 2017)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The woman accused of repeatedly attacking a woman at the SouthFlorida beach said Tuesday she wanted to go home.

A witness interviewed by police accused 31-year-old Amanda Mair of repeatedly grabbing her during a sexual encounter on June 4 in front of the beach at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Police released a police report on the case on Wednesday.

Police say the witness told them that he did not hear the attack at first but the woman was heard screaming.

Police found a bloody piece of cloth in the trash at Mair’s bedroom. Investigators have not determined what part of Mair’s clothes were in the cloth and are looking for any blood on it.

“I want to go home. I need to know what happened and where was she and what happened,” a sobbing Mair said.

Mair is from Fort Lauderdale. Her Facebook page says she enjoys photography and works as a model for CoverGirl and Wet n Wild.

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It’s been a full week since the news of David Ortiz’s suspension hit.

He’ll get a one-game suspension if he’s called up. This seems like more of a “I can’t play anymore and that’s it,” scenario. If he doesn’t, the rest of the team can be released by the commissioner or something. Why go through this if not just for the sake of a meaningless game?

Ortiz is playing every day with the DL. The game day squad that he signed up for is a pretty decent one. Maybe. There are enough guys on there that he should be able to handle a day off or two, but it’d make sense for the team to at least get him in on a day off or two. A guy with his ability would be a big help to the bullpen. There were a few times in the middle of his first few innings, the bullpen started dragging and if guys were getting tired and the game was getting close, someone had to step in. The DH would be an obvious answer, but he’s a designated hitter anyway, so why wouldn’t he

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