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The answer might even be “none of the above”, and it is an important factor given the long-term environmental impact of the paint.

Cyanide (CaCO3 – 1 mole) is an oxidizing agent, which is used to chemically enhance the color of acrylic paints. It is present naturally in water, so there’s no need to worry about it. Although it is less of an issue than in oil, it is still possible for it to be a concern (unless you have an extremely long outdoor sprayer).
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There are two ways to reduce the amount of cyanide in a solvent like acetone: a) by using a solvent containing a low concentration of sulfide, or b) by using a solvent which does not contain the chemical. In the case of acetone, there are many solvents available that are low to moderate levels of sulfite, with the most available being 1%-6%; in the case of acrylic paints, there are many solvents available which do not contain the chemical at all. So even if a paint product contains a low level of cyanide, you can still reduce the amount of it in the wash.

In the case of oil-based paints, there are two approaches. One is to use a solvent containing a level of sulfite (typically greater than 5%). The second is to use a solvent that does not contain the chemical. In the case of a high-sulfite chemical such as methanol, you must be wary about solvents containing it, and you are much better off using a non-sulfite solvent.

Can I use petroleum ether in a wash? Yes, although the actual oil contained in the wash should not cause concern. The oil should provide significant coverage, and if you follow all of the manufacturer’s directions, you can use as much oil as you wish, but you will need to be careful not to use too much as it will be difficult to thin.

How long can my sprayer/water gun/sponge/whatever hold the paint in place? Your paint will hold a certain amount of paint for a long period of time, depending on the chemicals used, and the amount of time that you will have the paint stuck to the paintbrush. It is up to you to decide when you will no longer need to use a paint container, but I recommend starting to clean the paintbrush out of paint immediately following usage, or at least after about an hour or so. A good rule

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