Is spray paint bad?

Or is it a good alternative to plastic sheeting?

Here are five reasons why spray paint might be a better alternative to plastic sheeting:

1. It uses less water than plastic sheeting.

You can use just three ounces, or the same amount that water can be added to your normal paint thinner, to coat an entire container. This means you can get away with more paint thinner than you would when applying plastic sheeting. Plus, since you’re not adding any water to the containers you’re spraying the paint on, any surface it comes onto is clean and clear from paint residue.

If you’re using water to coat the interior, it can be difficult to keep it clean. Using water to spray your vehicle can help.

2. You can apply more coverage without having to paint over or over again.

Spray paint gives you more surface area by covering it with more paint. For example, if you have a full 4 by 8 car window with 2.5 inches of window glass in it, you can apply 8.5 inches of spray paint, coating the glass all the way up to the glass where the window meets the car and all the way to the very end of its glass-reinforced plastic cover.

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You never need to remove the paint, but you may have to go back and wipe off any spots of wet or damaged paint. Since you don’t use the paint after it has dried on the window, you don’t need to keep it on the window or to wipe it off. This makes spray paint easier to clean, maintain, and repair. Spray paint is also durable – it never need be replaced, so you’ll never have to worry about needing to replace it ever again until the next time you paint.

The paint is also much easier to remove than plastic sheeting. For example, if you take a clean spray bottle off the line, it’s a long, tedious process to get the spray residue off the walls. With plastic sheeting, you can leave them where you find them and just scrape them off when you’re done.

3. It’s easy to cover gaps.

For instance, you can cover a window up to 3 inches with a gallon of spray paint. It would take you twice that amount to cover every inch of the other side of a vehicle.

You can also apply three ounces of spray paint between the windows if you want a thicker surface. For example, if you want a 1-