Is spray paint bad?

I don’t think it should be. I do think you should use a different product and be cautious of spraying spray paint on other parts of your bike. Some spray paint is perfectly safe, and some isn’t.

What type of paint should I use?

I don’t think you should use any acrylic paints on aluminum or fiberglass parts.

When applying a paint, you should make certain that the surface is clean before moving the paint onto the part with the paint.

After washing the paint:

The clean spot around the edges should be covered in your favorite product. I recommend using the “wash-able” paint. For those of you that have sensitive skin, you will need a thin covering of sunscreen.

I usually wipe this off before putting the parts back on.

How much is paint?

It is a little bit different in each bike. The colors will vary. The amount of paint depends on many things, one being the weight of the parts and the other being the type of bike. It is also recommended that you use something to protect your paint during usage. If you are going to use oil based paints, do yourself a favor and try to avoid spray paint.

The more paint on a part the better. To do this, be sure to put a thin layer of oil on the part before you apply the paint. You can find this type of adhesive on most bike stores.

It’s best to add oil to the top of parts that will be sprayed with oil.

After applying oil and paint, you need to wait a few minutes before you start painting again. This gives the surface time to dry.

What is a good paint to use?

I can’t give a good paint recommendation here. There are so many options, and each one has it’s pros and cons. Use your best judgment.

Where do I get some of my favorite automotive paint?

If you don’t like the spray paint, you can get some great automotive paints here. These paints are all the results of years of research and testing with multiple colors of a single product. They do NOT contain chemicals like most automotive paints do.

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