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Do they make their own tags, or do they use a commercial product?

How did you first hear about graffiti? I know there’s been graffiti in New York City since the 1800s. Do you have any memories of the first time you were ever visited by graffiti on the sidewalk? I was about 16 when I first moved in to a small apartment. The first day I started to see graffiti in the street I thought it was a sign of bad luck, since no one had done it before, but it soon became obvious it was a way to get out and about. I was so amazed when I returned to university that graffiti had become such a prominent part of urban life on campus.

Is there a special appreciation for graffiti in New York City due to how long it has been around or is it just general curiosity? Many of our residents are extremely knowledgeable about the history and development of graffiti in cities around the world and the importance of its importance to our community. Their comments about New York City’s great history as a place for graffiti have really inspired me to dig deeper into the history of the street art of our city.

Do you still see the same tagging when you go to other cities? Many cities across the United States have recently passed laws that prohibit tagging.

I find it very unusual that all that people in the United States are talking about what goes on outside of our borders, even though we have had such a strong influence on culture. Are you aware that this is true about most cities in the world?

Have you been to any city with significant history of street graffiti? Any cities that have a high population of young and old artists? New York City has had graffiti that has been in the media for 30 years, since the 1960s.

How do the average graffiti artist spend his time? What hobbies do you do while you are creating an artwork? I spend a large amount of time at home creating my artwork and studying the history of my city and the culture surrounding it. I go to exhibitions, buy art supplies, and make graffiti prints. I also write poetry, stories, short stories, and books for my work.

Where do you work, and how do most graffiti artists work? I work with a small small gallery in downtown Manhattan. I get paid by the hour when my work is complete. Some of my best artwork has been in schools and in public places where children are more likely to see and learn about it.

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Do you do anything other than graffiti

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