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In most cities, graffiti tags are used to mark walls or sidewalks. The use of graffiti tags is a symbol that the artist’s style is well-known in the city where the wall or sidewalk is located or that the graffiti wall or sidewalk has been painted.

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Does graffiti tag removal violate my right to free speech?

Graffiti tags are considered offensive in many places such as schools, churches, or shopping malls. Although some cities have passed ordinances to clean taggers off of property, in most cases, city ordinances do not prevent tag writers from using tags in the first place.

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Can I get a ticket for graffiti?

Most graffiti is not deemed a crime. The city cannot confiscate tags without prior approval from the property owner or someone authorized by the property owner to receive permission to remove tags.

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Graffiti tags are not considered to be a crime until they are placed by someone who does not have a permit. Graffiti tags may only be removed at the property owners request if they are in violation of the city’s ordinances or property owner’s rights. You must comply with the following directions:

Leave or move tags as soon as possible in an appropriate, secure location.

Remove the tags when you return the property to the owner.

Do not spray paint on the tags, as spray paint will be considered theft.

Where can I get graffiti tags?

There are numerous sources of such tags such as parking lot tags, hotel tags, car tags, and utility tags. Generally you purchase tags from a company that knows about the tags and their expiration dates.

Where can I get tags sent by post?

Graffiti tags can be sent by email, through business or local clubs, and other legitimate means. You should check with the company that sent the tags to determine if the tags can be distributed via mail and how many will be sold.

Where can I get graffiti paint?

Graffiti painting requires a permit from the owner. You also do not want to paint on tags that will be removed.

Graffiti tag cleaning tips

How long is the time frame for getting tagged?

Generally, the tags cannot be removed as long as there are tags present.

What happens to tags when removed?

The tag is typically

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