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Graffiti is a type of writing, not to be confused with graffiti history or culture. Graffiti history starts much earlier, with the first signs left on walls. Over the years there are two main types of Graffiti:

Aerodynamic Graffiti The “aircraft” style of graffiti found mainly in and around airports, airfields and military bases, including such places as the White House.

Boat Graffiti It includes graffiti and other forms of art found mostly on the water and beaches of southern Europe and a few of it on the high seas. It is often found on vessels on the coast including the yacht.

“Graffiti” itself may be interpreted differently depending on the area of the world where the art was created. What constitutes graffiti in the United States can be quite different to graffiti in Europe.

In an effort to increase production, the San Diego Padres have agreed to terms with right-handed pitcher Mike Leake.

According to, Leake will take a $6 million paycut on his $7million salary, and will take the team’s two slots in the draft lottery from righty Tyler Skaggs.

Image copyright AFP Image caption The Indian government will use the new crop for its National Tiger Conservation Programme

India will develop genetically adapted rice varieties to fight the spread of the Asian tiger (Panthera tigris albicans) and other potentially harmful pests, an official in the prime minister’s office has said.

Hindustan Times reported that the government will also “use” or “replant” the new varieties in villages “in a bid to contain the damage posed by the tiger”.

The use of hybrid rice would be permitted under the “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) and Migratory Birds (Protection of) Rule”, it added.

Tigers continue to flourish in wild across a vast range of habitat across southeast Asia.

According to the World Organisation for Animal Resources and Conservation (OIE) in a statement on Monday, India has the fifth-largest tiger population in the world. It lives in 17 countries and territories, with the highest population in India.

However, habitat loss, hunting and poaching have led to the decline of the species.

The following information is compiled from official website and documentation.

The “Konami Super Famicom” is a Japanese video game console with built-in cartridge memory and is a

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