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Gesso spray is a product that is used to treat sores on a patient’s mucous membranes. In a doctor’s office, patients may receive this medication for sores that are painful, painful but not burning, painful but not bleeding, or have a strong stinging sensation.

Gesso may also be used to treat a sore that is sensitive to hot and cold liquids.

The amount of gesso applied depends on the severity of the sores. In some cases, gesso may be used for multiple sores. Many doctors suggest that a patient wear a tight sweater every time he or she uses gesso. Some people have used gesso to treat mild acne scars for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.

Although gesso is a topical anti-acne medication, it is unlikely to prevent recurrences on the part of the patient. It may limit the growth and spread of the acera, but it cannot cure the lesion.

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How do I use a topical treatment for eczema?

A topical treatment for eczema is an anti-comedone cream (such as gesso). Using one on the affected area will help to limit any discomfort and give the skin a good boost. This cream must not be changed until the skin has been removed.

The cream should be applied once a day for 2 to 3 weeks. If the first treatment did not work, a second treatment should be added to the previous treatment regimen.

The cream should be applied on the affected area in the morning or at night. The treatment should be applied with a gentle cotton rag. This may cause some discomfort if the dermatologist is not familiar with the method. Some people may even want to use a wet tissue (suture) to help remove the cream without getting it deep into the skin.

If acne is not controlled by the medication, a skin laser may be considered. This is a powerful laser that can be used to remove the skin and is recommended by most dermatologists. In the US, the laser is recommended for all types of adult skin.

What happens after using a topical gesso treatment for eczema?

If you have a sore that remains after treatment in either the morning or at night, the sore may not disappear completely. This may be in part due to the gesso. Because the drug makes the sore irritated, the skin may be more sensitive. If the pain persists

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