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We hope you can find a local spray painter in your area, or perhaps an online resource, such as the USPCC. We are not affiliated with any other paint program. The cost for a gallon of Paint-D-Wax (1/2 gallon) is about $2.00 for a large paint application, and about $0.50 for a smaller one. In the US, the cost for a gallon of Paint-D-Wax (1/2 gallon) of 1/8″ is $10.70. (Note: the USPCC may or may not charge for shipping for spray paint, so you should get a shipping quote to determine the savings.)

How do I tell if spray paint is for me? There are two ways to tell if spray paint is for you: 1) paint quality and 2) its effects on your art.

1. Quality – What kind of paint or coatings are used? High-quality paint or coatings are used in spray paint applications to achieve a smooth surface on most surfaces of artwork. You can also use paint for general painting. The quality and thickness of the paint will determine the thickness of the spray coating you can apply. The stronger your paint, the thinner it must be to achieve smooth and even coverage. As you apply the spray paint, a thin coat is created by the painting over the top of the coat, which is often called “spray painting.” A thinner coat is then “doused” on top of the original coat. For the best results, you should first apply a thin coat of paint to the original paint, and then add additional wet coats to improve coverage. If one or both of the following conditions have occurred:

1 the original paint appears slightly thinned and dry (not completely covered with paint) (see condition 3)

2 you cannot see the initial thinning and drying (see condition 2)

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3 or more coats of the same paint (especially if that paint is very thin) do not cover the entire surface of your artwork

A thin coat of paint over a light thin coat, such as an olive oil spray coat, might be enough to provide a smooth finish. More coats, such as an acrylic paint coat, would also be required to achieve even coverage. If you are not sure if you need more coats, ask your local paint dealer. Some dealers prefer to let customers choose whether they want to use a thinner coat or a doused coat. For safety, you may

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