Why is graffiti against the law? – Spray Paint For Sale

The law, which became law in 1986, was designed to protect the city’s streets. It allows police to issue a warning to a person who paints over a private property that they have a municipal permit to use.

There are some exceptions to the prohibition and police say it’s rare. “It’s one of the most controversial, most contentious issues in the city,” said Sgt. Mark Stibbe of the Humboldt Park Police Department.

City officials say the graffiti ban was created to protect public safety. The ban was adopted at a public meeting in June at the Humboldt Park Recreation Center.

In June, the Humboldt Park City Council banned graffiti in parks.

It’s not clear why the graffiti prohibition is one of the most controversial issues in parks, but the city council did decide to extend the ban to the east end of the Humboldt Park and West Beach communities, from La Salle Avenue to Lake Shore Drive.

“The council did make some statements about the city trying to have more uniformity in enforcing the ordinance,” Stibbe said. “We have no control whether someone puts a message there but we have control over how it gets there.”

While the prohibition is not strictly enforced, police are on the lookout for graffiti and can arrest anyone they suspect of doing so.

Graffiti is the most likely graffiti to get caught, said Stibbe. “It’s on the way to becoming a major source of graffiti because the more people get on, the more likely somebody is to get tagged.”

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