Why is my Rustoleum paint wrinkling?

There’s a way to fix this.

Step 7 (Optional): Wash your rust and then buff

This step is optional, but recommended in order to give your paints an even texture.

If your Rustoleum paint is not starting to dry, or is starting to get too thick and opaque, there is a chance you need to wipe the rust out with a cloth or paper towel. Doing this will help make sure your Rustoleum paint dries evenly (or at least the surface is free from any wrinkles), as well as making sure your paint doesn’t get smeared around the joints or joints around the outside of your crate when you close the lid. If you are using spray paint, you may have to blot the paint first or use a fine brush to lightly wipe on the surface.

If you did this step, let the Rustoleum dry completely in your fridge and try to use another coat of your Rustoleum paint.

Step 8 (Optional): Apply Rustoleum paint and a few other things

While waiting in the fridge during the application of your Rustoleum paint, you can either start the rust removal process by applying some Rustoleum paint, such as the Clear Rust-O-Matic or Clear Rust-O-Matic in the instructions above or even the Rustoleum Reactor Painter’s Glaze, which has a much more intense color and texture. You will also want to apply a few other items:

A few small rust spot removers

If your Rustoleum paint was sprayed, you will have several spray cans in your toolbox and you will want to spray rust and stain from them so they do not clump together and get clogged with Rustoleum paint paint and stain. You can also use a bottle opener if you are putting the paint in for the first time.

Step 9 (Optional): Clean your Rustoleum furniture

After you finished using the Rustoleum Rustoleum Reactor painter’s glaze, you can take all the things listed above and clean your Rustoleum furniture. Some furniture, however, can become very difficult to remove. You can either let the rust and stain get trapped in the surface of the Rustoleum furniture and not get to it if you don’t want to remove it, or you can break off a little piece from one side or use a small hammer to remove it.

Here are some ideas on getting rust off your furniture: