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About “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”
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“No Sleep Till Brooklyn”, a song from the album, Tha Carter III, by Justin Bieber, was the second single from the album. While it was a massive hit in its home country of Canada, Bieber didn’t want to record it in Germany. The song is about a boy who has no friends, so it talks about how he can’t sleep till he gets to Brooklyn and can’t believe how the whole city is now his.

We’ve seen this movie before. The White House doesn’t know it had an accident and the Russian hacks have been debunked countless times before. But the new movie is different. It is based on actual intelligence reports.

It goes like this – The FBI and CIA are tracking Russian efforts to influence American politics through election hacking. And that is why they need to know all the information necessary to determine the “basis” for all of the hacked political ads they saw. So the FBI can decide if they believe the ads to be accurate. The CIA can make a determination if the ads were produced by the Russian state party, or a foreign entity. The Russian government, and Russian proxies, can be linked to some of the ads. The problem is, the FBI, CIA, and NSA already have this information. The FBI doesn’t need more.


All they had to do with the Obama administration’s claim that Russia launched cyberattacks during the general election was to obtain and share a bunch of data with them. After all, they needed to know whether any political ads could be traced back to Russian actors. The goal of the FBI, CIA, and NSA was pretty simple, so they were all on board.

That means the Obama administration and the FBI and CIA didn’t bother with their normal procedures for handling sensitive material. Why bother when it’s only a minor problem? If one of your agents can’t tell you where the classified data belongs, then you haven’t done your job properly. You didn’t do your job properly, but it probably wasn’t as serious as it had to be.

If it isn’t a minor problem, what is it? And if someone in the Obama administration has this information, can anyone tell me what they think it is or how it came up?