Do professional traders use technical analysis? – Day Trading And Swing Trading Strategies For Stocks

This is a valid question and a difficult one to answer. While it is generally accepted that technical analysis provides the most powerful and accurate tool that traders have, a number of important variables can affect its use. Most notably, technical analysis should be used only by those who understand the technical analysis to date and those who are willing to execute the market with complete skill.

An even more important issue to consider is the use of technical analysis in tandem with any other quantitative methods such as moving averages or moving averages cross. For instance, a trader who has long followed the Fibonacci retracement levels could very well follow an implied support level or the 100 level of a major market index. The traders who do these kinds of trades generally have little understanding of the technical analysis that they are employing.

Do experienced traders use technical analysis?

The answers to these questions vary from practitioner to practitioner and are somewhat subjective. Experienced traders tend to understand the fundamental principles and techniques in a technical analysis and employ them as best they can.
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For example, some traders have great understanding of technical analysis (and what might go wrong with it) but fail to use it when making trading decisions because they don’t understand or appreciate the risks inherent to such risk-taking.

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