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Although it’s a very recent form of analysis, and not the first one, it’s definitely one of the most well known. It looks for a pattern in the price’s history. It’s a type of trend-following pattern, which means it keeps tracking the same price all the time, just under different price levels. It allows us to track the price’s movement and take an accurate guess where it might go next. It means that you can find out the most likely direction for a stock.
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Trading with techniques you’ve seen before makes it easier to spot what’s going on. You can use price patterns you’ve seen in the past to make trading decisions in the future.

A Technical Analysis Analysis

As opposed to the trading technique of just observing trends, technical analysis looks for a pattern of the price that you know well, but the price doesn’t yet. Instead, it uses a set of rules and algorithms to try to answer the question How did this happen?.

For example, if I saw a price rise 1% on May 7th, I’d try to look for a possible rise of 1% every day for the next 3 days. That would help me to see if it could be a new trend in the stock.

Technical analysis shows us why the price rose to the $1,200 price. After all, it was a higher volume day than the day before, and there was also a lot of selling in the previous trading session. Technical analysis can help us tell if there are certain patterns we can exploit and use as signals to predict the next high.

Technical Analysis Isn’t For every trader

The reason that technical analysis is so popular is that it’s such a simple, yet effective, way to analyze, and decide on market moves. Many people think that technical analysis is useless as it only tells us what happened in the past, and not what happens now. It’s much easier to spot a trend than making a judgment on every stock that goes up and down every single day.

However, there are some aspects in particular that technical analysts can use to make a decision that are helpful to even the lowest level of traders.

For example, if you’re looking forward and expect a big move in the stock, you might pick to buy before the high so you can make a profit. Trading on technical patterns can help you learn how to spot this happening in trading. For example:

If you know that the next higher high is

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