Do swing traders make money?

Yes. If your plan is to sell a basket of stocks and call it a profit, you could be making some money. This also depends on your stock selection. For instance, you might like the McDonald’s shares for a higher-yield. Another good strategy is to start making money with your own trades in the middle of the month. By moving through these stocks within your portfolio without any specific direction of your own, you should be able to make a profit during the month you are trading.

How to make money?

Most of the time, though, we will just recommend people think about these options in their own mind, which is basically a lot of times the same for all traders. Therefore, we are going to explain how it works.

First of all, make a list of stocks that you feel are suitable for your investment needs. Once there’s a list made, pick some stocks that you think will perform well, preferably at the same time and at prices similar to the price your stocks are currently trading at. Now move your money through these stocks in your portfolio as often as you want to.

Once you have made at least one stop loss in this stock portfolio, or at least one loss on different stocks in your portfolio, you will be earning extra money.

Now let’s continue our example: On a day in which the S&P 500 is rising about 7% and some stocks are trending higher, then we have to make 10,000 stop losses with our S&P 500 portfolio. So, before we decide to sell these stocks for the next day (for example, to trade our way out of a bubble), we will make at least one stop loss.

However, with your stop loss schedule, you can actually do more than that. By making multiple stops, you also make more money on a lower-yield stock. If your S&P 500 is moving at a higher rate than your stop loss schedule would allow, you could make lots of money on the first day and only lose a lot on the second day.

When choosing one of the stocks in your portfolio that you are willing to sell quickly for a return of 8% to 9%, you will likely make at least a few thousand bucks on the first day (which is probably the maximum that you can make in your lifetime).

If you decide to buy a single stock during the week, it might be better, if you trade your way out of a bubble, to buy the