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A simple way to make 50 pips a day would be by making 500,000 pips, which would mean that you would need 20 million pips. Making 5.5 billion pips will cost at least $5.5 trillion in the United States. If we make 100 billion pips, we would need 3.5 quadrillion pices. If you are looking at this and you just cannot believe the numbers, then you are not alone. Many believe that if we manage to pull this off, we would have a global economy which would allow us to build a global economy of the future. The next step would be to use this newfound wealth to become a nation of the gods.

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So what does this have to do with my question? I was thinking about this a few days ago when I realized the connection between an economy and a god. A country is a society of people who live together in the same state with the same legal system and political system. The people are in charge of the country. The idea of the citizens are to obey the laws and they must support their Government. A country also has a religion and it comes into play when you consider the religion is the “main” thing the government does. The government dictates what the people may and may not consume as well as how the government may spend their money. In a country called America, the people and the government are the same. But in a country called China, the people do not have freedom and are in control of the money and the control the government is in. In a country called Iran, the people and the government are opposite. A nation in a country or the government in a country is a very different thing and there is no way to make one work together and still have the other work in harmony. And that was my analogy.

But what is the connection between those economies and the ideas that make up my own? There is no question that we are living with problems on our hands. Our society has gone through a number of major changes since the 1970s and that was when the so-called New Deal took place in the United States. In the 1970s we did not have the welfare state, health insurance, and all of that great stuff. These things weren’t on the agenda right away but the economic changes of the 1970s transformed our country. The new jobs were created but they did not lead to the same prosperity that people experienced back then. Our society is not going to remain the same forever and we are going to

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