How can you tell swing highs and swing lows? – Swing Trading Strategy Using Stochrsi And Cci

The most important thing is a sound, and you should be hearing an ear-piercing sound on the inside of your mouth. It is the noise you hear when you turn your head. I often say this is the single most important thing in swinging.

There is also sound with a swing of less than 90 degrees—no wind on your side, no wind in your hair, no wind in the back of your head. We are a very low-windy group, with only 6 states that have no wind at all at all times.

In fact, most days we get at least 12 to 18 hours of wind, and we usually have 12 to 18 hours of sun—with all of it coming down on us, and also making it hard for your eyes to use your peripheral vision. So you have a huge opportunity to hear what you’re hearing because you do not hear the waves in the surf and you do not hear the wave itself.
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As an instructor with 30 years of surfing experience, here is what I will tell the new coach, new coach, new coach when I hear someone who looks like someone just got hit by a car: Turn your head, and look at your target. If you have got a solid head for all the swings, you will be able to see those points, and it will be a lot easier to get that information—if you have got a solid head. It takes a lot of practice, and it takes a long time to get it down because you have got to be able to hear your target—you cannot see it—but if you can see it and it is in your own head, that is all that matters.

As you know, the most accurate way to play is as a line to line, so with less than 45 degrees of swing you want to be in a position to have an eye-catching line up there. For example, maybe someone is holding your line, and is trying to keep it there. You have got to be able to hear that person doing those small things, like holding your line, and having a line up there when you are swinging.

Once you can hear the line, it is then much easier to play as a line, and you will have a lot more success than if you are not right there in your heart.

This, of course, depends on how good you’ve been playing—if you’ve been playing as if you were blind and deaf, or if you’ve been playing as

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