Is Forex trading just gambling? – Swing Trading Vs Day Trading

I am not suggesting that all forex traders are playing gambling. I am saying that all traders do need to be aware and be prepared for bad days.

There are also some good things to consider.

If you trade on other markets, you can monitor prices on different exchanges from your house.

Don’t forget to take the appropriate precautions when transferring your bitcoin through your own exchange(s).

I hope that this article will help you not to gamble your savings by trading forex.

The federal government has decided to cancel the deal negotiated by the Harper government between Canada’s biggest oil producer and its biggest exporter, the Canadian Press has learned.

Oil prices declined sharply last week. While the Liberals had proposed an agreement with the Pembina Institute, a private equity firm that wants to build new pipelines and expand the existing ones that supply Canada’s energy needs, the agreement wasn’t ready for prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau to sign on Friday.

Instead, the federal Liberal government has now decided to cancel the Pembina deal — which would have allowed for some $2 billion worth of Canadian oil to be transported by pipeline to the U.S. — in favour of an agreement with the New Brunswick-based Energy East pipeline.

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It’s a deal that is now being evaluated by an independent arbitrator, the National Energy Board (NEB), in its process of reviewing the merits of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

Energy East is supported by Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. However, pipeline industry officials had hoped that the federal government would step in and create an integrated North American energy system in order to reduce the need for a new pipeline to export oil to the United States and Canada.

Instead, the government has decided that no such agreement will be struck between Canada and the U.S. and that Alberta remains its economic heartland.

“To meet our commitments to the provinces and territories and to reduce reliance on foreign oil,” said an official briefing note on the deal, “the NEB [Energy East] will require approvals for several oil pipelines and will continue to explore options to facilitate their operation or to improve their delivery.”

The decision is the latest blow to the government’s campaign against the oilsands, a development that the Liberals have embraced as a key part of their plan to revive the moribund economy.

As part of their bid to win over some key energy-sector players in the May 2

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