What is considered a swing trader? – Best Penny Stocks For Swing Trading

Is one person a “swing trader” in the industry for a certain period of time and that would make them a top ten of all time? Well as far as I know, no. So what about someone that is a top ten overnight and will remain there? A top ten overnight might get a “lot of volume” and a top 10 overnight might not. It all depends on things like how quickly someone stays in contention with the other traders.

How do I get in?

It only takes a few minutes and a good bit of practice, but before you start with daily trades, it’s important to note that the main thing you have to understand is that the more you trade, the harder it is to become a top ten overnight and the more your ability will diminish.

So, how do you get started?

You will need to trade more often, in a hurry. This is true for any trade in the game, it’s the trading equivalent of running out of gas in a car, you must always have the same supply of gas in the tank. So what you really need to do is find an online service that you can have every week or so, where you can trade on a daily basis. Again, this will depend on how quickly you can become a top 10 overnight or how many times you move over from the weekly basis. There are many services that allow you to trade on a daily basis such as Bittrex and HitBTC.

Once you are able to do this you should be able to get into and out of the game as it is not too different to any other trades, the biggest difference is that most of the time you won’t be paying the fee to other people. It’s all free, once you are able to do this I would recommend you to move over to a service that helps you to trade as much as possible within a very short time frame, so there’s less fees for your trading.

The more successful, the more traders you get, the better.

What happens if I stay in contention?

Once you have enough volume in your account, you can trade in the game again with an account that you don’t have a hold up with, again you are now making a lot of money, it does take a while to get comfortable, but once you do eventually you will have a solid account. But before you move over, you need to make sure that you have enough time to get in.

What if I run out

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