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Dana’s Swing Low Swing High

Dana’s Swing Low Swing High

Dana’s Swing Low Swing High!

(You may also note that the swing is lower for her than other characters, and that she throws out her arm with about the same frequency as Marth)

When we look at her body, it’s interesting to note that her hip doesn’t rise. On her arms, she has a very flat, straight arm, and her elbow is not very far from her shoulder – that is, on her arms she is not raising her arm higher than on her torso.

Swing low swing high – a move that gives her the option to throw the ball back quickly while avoiding a bad shot at that very moment. – The swing can be called “sloppy” if the ball leaves the front hand when it’s thrown. This way, she can keep a good sight of the target with her opponent’s back turned, and then throw a quick strike to the back of the head with the rear hand. This attack is good for recovering an aerial or aerial-based attack, as it allows the ball to reach at more reasonable heights and keep it safe in the air.

This is a good move, because it is cheap to perform, has good recovery, and has good spacing, allowing it to be used for all of that, but with no negative outcomes. This is also one of the few throw-based moves that aren’t punishable by falling. – The fact that she doesn’t let the ball go is good for this move, because it allows it to be thrown out with good accuracy (it is pretty much guaranteed). – The swing and the arm movement can be quite choosy, so it is very situational.

The swing high swing low – again one of the few throws that Dana should have good spacing, because of how easy it is to throw out the ball and how fast it rises, and therefore allow her to catch up to an aerial or aerial-based attack if she wants to. – The swing high swing low is also good because it allows her to catch up to a aerial (because the arm does a little rise), or it can be used to get at an airborne opponent.

If anyone has any tips for improving her swing – feedback is greatly appreciated (especially tips on the hip, which is my main concern for a good swing).

Dealing with her high jump – there are three places where we see her jump high.

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