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You should focus on where there is a correlation between an exchange and other exchanges. There is usually a correlation between the chart movements of both exchanges, even if that exchange is smaller. If the two exchanges move almost in the same direction, you can assume that they will move together. However, if these exchanges’ market cap is very much different, these correlations will not be as reliable.

If one of the exchanges is small (such as BTC/USD) and the other is not, there is no reason this cannot be a significant factor in the chart movements of both exchanges, even if the smaller trading volume is significant.

If the trading volume of BTC/USD is huge and the market cap of the other exchange is small (for example, $1,500 – $10,000), you will find the correlation between the two charts very low. The correlation between an exchange and others can be very low if there is a huge increase in trading volume. However, if the trading volume of these exchanges is relatively small, and the price continues to be very volatile, the correlation will be very high. This is very different from other stocks and currencies.

The Chart Patterns of BTC

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