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I have a question about EMA which I would find confusing if it were NOT from the fact that the new SMA spec uses an open standard. SMA provides a uniform power supply to all your devices. It uses the same power connectors, same pins, with a common power cable. It also implements the same common technology to communicate with all devices. But there are one or more differences when it comes to the device you’re connecting. I understand that the SMA spec provides both a SMA and an SMA/FM connection for devices in your household so I would just ignore the SMA spec when it comes to devices (I assume they won’t matter much). As for the SMA/FM connection, the manufacturers have to support your device for it to use standard FM radio. I would then assume that if yours is SMA supported, it will likely be supported with SMA/FM radio. If you don’t have SMA/FM radio, you’ll need to get a separate SMA device that supports FM. This is not rocket science, just the basics that I think are important on such a wide range of devices. Also make sure that it is possible to communicate with the device in the same way you would communicate with an SMA device. I just don’t want you to buy your old FM radio and have to add an external SMA device just to talk to your FM devices. And remember, I’m sure that there is a number of other variables that can affect how well the connection is done but if it is SMA and the device you’re using is an SMA device, you absolutely can have one without any problems.
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The other benefit of using EMA instead of SMA is that it will also enable a connection in other rooms, such as in the dining room. Just put the device in your dining room where you can still hear and view the TV, and you should be able to receive and receive an SMA signal! But that’s not all! In addition to being able to get a SMA/FM signal, your old FM radio can be plugged into a standard stereo for playback of MP3’s and podcasts. All the other accessories from your old FM receiver can be powered from the same 3.5mm jack (if necessary), and you can connect additional devices to the same stereo. This would also be a great addition to your home theater system or home theater receiver because you could still listen to your music and podcasts from your old FM radio without having to hook it up to a

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