Can you be 15 and get a tattoo?

No. Can you get an 8K tan? Of course. So why the fuck would you ask for the most expensive tattoo in your state if your skin type is perfectly fine? Let’s go with our favorite question: can you be married when your parents are dead? I am going to say no. Let me get an actual answer before I start calling you a moron. Now let’s answer a valid question like this. Can the state of Texas give you a tattoo on your shoulder? Of course. Can you get a tattoo on your arm? Of course. Can you get a tattoo on your arm if that’s what you want? Sure, you can. Can there be an age limit of 18? I have no fucking idea. I guess it doesn’t matter since this is Texas. Let’s start with the tattoo itself. Are you ready for this? The biggest, meanest, scariest tattoo in the world. An 18K tattoo on your arm and then some. Well, let’s see. That’s about 7″ from your elbow and 3 1/2″ from your wrist. I’m a real guy, man. You can’t be that drunk and this tattoo is not going to make your muscles look better. You are going to look like the best drunk you have ever felt.

Can you get a tattoo on your leg? I bet you can. You are so big, I am sure you can get it. The tattoo is also a really cool piece of art. You might be able to see a tattoo of my hand. But then again, how much do you even have to see my hand? I’m going to say no. Because I’m a huge fan. Also the tattoo will look silly at 12 years old. How did you get this tattoo? Did you lose a bet? Let’s say that you didn’t lose the bet. Are you a cop? You can now get a tattoo of your badge. A cool one too, especially if you are a cop. I mean, is this for your job? Like in the movie I am not quite sure. Let’s say you want a tattoo of the city motto of the city in Texas. Can you get this kind of tattoo in Texas? Sure. Do we really need to know? Of course not! If it is going to be a fun tattoo, maybe we might as well let you pick the city so you know that it is not a joke.

What is this? You want a tattoo on your face? Is “