Do lotus flowers grow in mud?

If not, they cannot be cultivated. As it is on land that is already there, and it has been planted in the earth, it cannot be destroyed, either by the people or by the animals. If it is destroyed, it is not a good thing.

What kind of flower is used for washing?

A white lotus flower is used for washing.

What do green lotus flowers look like?

Green lotus flowers are beautiful.

Why are the green lotus flowers so beautiful?

In this life, you don’t see anything like that, neither do you see the blue lotus flowers, nor the red lotus flowers, nor the yellow lotus flowers. All of them are beautiful, so naturally they will be beautiful to the people of the future, and they will never have to see them again to remember.

What is green lotus flower?

It is a very rare material. They have been used in cultivation and in the medicine fields for thousands of years.

When is green lotus flower dried, packaged, or dried?

Dried. It is made as a medicine or in food as a medicine.

When is green lotus flower dried into powder?

The yellow lotus flowers are used to make powder.

When is green lotus flower powder used as medicine?

The powder to make a medicine is made into medicine.

Who grows the green lotus flower?

It is cultivated in the village as the flower and it is very delicate.

Where is there a good place to grow the green lotus flower?

It grows in mud.

Why is the yellow lotus flower called yellow lotus?

Yellow lotus flower is more pure like the lotus flower. That is why people who grow it say, ‘Yellow lotus, like the lotus flower, doesn’t have any blemishes, isn’t it?’ It is because of its pure nature. All the yellow lotus are also called yellow lotus.

So yellow lotus is always called yellow lotus in the villages?

Yes, there is no difference.

Who keeps the yellow lotus flower in the village?

It is a very important person, so it is called a village elder.

Do you get any money?

I get money from the village elder.

Are you a member of the villagers?