Can you go to heaven with tattoos? – Pinterest Tattoossmall

Yes, and that doesn’t mean that all of my tattoos are Jesus. There’s one of Jesus on my left shoulder. It’s a good-looking Jesus.

How does that look on the inside?

Yeah. It’s like a baby Jesus.

And is God, with tattoos like this, even looking at you?

No. No. Not really. His head isn’t that big, you know? You have all these other faces around him, but his head is small. This is me. I have a big head and a little beard. It doesn’t bother me.

That’s what I like about a tattoo, that it doesn’t matter.

Yeah. And that really annoys the hell out of God, right? It doesn’t matter what God thinks of it or how much he hates it, so we don’t have to worry about him judging us with tattoos. But no, I don’t mind that one at all. I thought it looked pretty cool.

Have you had any ideas to expand this into a full film-length project?

I haven’t got that done yet. I know that I wanted to do it, at least, and that’s why I went into business with someone who’d already done the book. But, yeah, I’ve got ideas. I might write a feature film at some point.

Do you ever feel like the way you go about doing this is getting better/worse?

Well, not yet. I’m a little bit worse, you know what I mean? I’m still a little bit shy or hesitant sometimes. I get nervous at times and it’s not a very good way to go about things. But I’m better about it now.

Have you ever considered directing videos that you made yourself?


What is it about that approach that gives you the courage to try it?

I don’t think I’m that afraid of cameras. When I make a video, I don’t worry about making something I don’t want to actually shoot in. It’s just part of getting it over with and being done with it, so it’s an organic thing. I was talking to the guy who did the video for [My Bloody Valentine’s] “Don’t Be Cruel,” [it’s] a short film. He said that the other day when I sent it to him, he was actually so frightened. He was really scared because he didn’t

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