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It’s very important you stay away from cheap tattooing equipment, not just because of the cost but also because of the bad health effects on your skin. I don’t think anyone would tattoo real, solid, fleshy lines. As long as it looks fresh, and does not make you look like a clown, it should be fine.

Do you use a laser?

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I have a laser tattooed on my hand, and it gives good results. I find that it’s best if you do it in a mirror-imaging studio, where the laser is focused on the body at a high, but not intense, level, and only at the right angle. My preferred laser for tattooing is the NIKON Professional 2S. It has been very helpful in improving the result I get from laser tattooing (even with my hand). I personally prefer the NIKON Professional 4 to NIKON Pro 2S. The NIKON Pro 2S costs more, but it has better resolution, faster laser speeds, and a wide range of settings and options. I have the 5 speed NIKON Pro 2S and love it! It’s my least favorite. The high intensity laser that the Nikon gives on the other end is the best I’ve found and does a really good job.

Have you noticed the effect of light exposure on your tattoo?

There is a time and place for light. Tattoos don’t do well at a light that you can’t see the outline of the tattoo with the naked eye. It is particularly difficult to have an amazing tattoo if you feel the pain in your eyes from being in such bright light.

Do your tattoos age like a picture, or would you think they would age a little bit quicker?

There is no effect at all unless you have really strong light that is not too bright. It does take a little longer to fade over time, but not forever. I have to do my tattoos over and over again, so it’s natural that the ink will look more faded the next time someone sees it.

Have you noticed a change in your skin after tattoos?

It depends on the person and the intensity of their lighting. Some people have a much softer, more natural look with a lot of light that is a lot brighter compared to others. I have a lot of skin cancer and had an X-ray and scans as a kid and they showed that it healed so well. I was very naïve the first couple of

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