What is new school tattooing? – Tattoo Designs On Hand

The idea is to create a body-attachable tattoo. Our tattoo artists are working hard to create our brand of tattoo artwork to truly capture the unique style that is now prevalent in today’s society.

What makes it “new”?

We started tattooing at the age of 14 to pay the bills and it was a fun project for us. But when I started school as I was finishing high school, my father decided to get me out of school so I could get a job as a tattoo artist. It was at this time that we switched our creative direction to create our own brand of art. We started work on our own new style of tattooing known as new school.

Our process is to create a tattoo on the skin, where a pattern is first created on the skin. That pattern is then used as a template to make the body-attachable tattoo.

What are the complications with tattooing?

If the tattoo is too small or long, it won’t be able to capture the unique look of a tattoo. When you are tattooing someone who is a little older, you will probably need to have a larger-than-average tattoo to hold onto their neck and/or shoulder.

How can I get a body-attachable tattoo that is easy to carry?

The easiest way to get your own body-attachable tattoo is to have a tattoo artist tattoo it on your body. We want to make this brand of art easy for people to wear with no fuss.

We are working hard to incorporate various techniques and make your tattooing experience as simple as possible.

How and when will all my body-attachable tattoos be shipped?

We will ship all body-attachable tattoos out to you when they are done so you are able to get a personalized tattoo that you want. It is also possible for you to have a custom tattoo created so there can be your own custom design and feel along with your custom tattoo.

What are our terms and conditions?

All of our tattoos are free of charge unless you want to request free tattooing through this store. Please, we ask for the same payment method and your shipping address to get your tattoos.

The following terms apply to all free body-attachable tattoos:

1. Free Body-Attachable Tattoo- You will have to pay for your body-attachable tattoo no matter what.

1a. We do not accept any donation or

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