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How many verses from the Bible should we assume to have been literally “forgotten” or not? What about the fact that the Apostle Paul said that “to swear is good”? He would have had a right to do that back then. But what about our modern day “word laws”? How much of our contemporary language is just to remind someone to keep silent when it’s in their best interest to speak up? What about the history of swearing? Well, of course! In addition to being a sign of respect and obedience, swearing has been used as a way of saying one’s opinion to another person. Even in the Bible, the word “swear” was used to express opinions and thoughts. For instance: “Thou shalt not take a bribe, and thou shalt not seek thy neighbor’s livelihood. And thou shalt not bear false witness.” It’s no wonder that we use the word “swear” today! This is the word we use today. This is how the whole world lives. This is where everyone lives. This is how we express our opinions or our thoughts. How often do we hear people say something that they would rather not say? They swear. Why? It makes them seem smart and that person knows how to communicate effectively. The same goes with most of the social interactions we have here today. When you are around a person who is swearing, it makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, sometimes even offended. So why do the people in our lives swear when they have an opinion? There are a few reasons: This is because swearing just gives us a sense of confidence. So for example, whenever someone does something stupid, they will say they were “swearing” the idiot down.
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So the only reason you swear isn’t to be a fool, it’s just to be a little extra strong.

That being said, it is perfectly acceptable to say something that isn’t in fact “tongue in cheek” and that is a nice way to express your opinions. For instance, you may be saying to someone “Wow, you sure made some noise!” and they will reply “No, no, it is only polite, my friends, a good swear.” You will also use the swear words in the same way if someone is being disrespectful to you. So “I don’t think I can do that, man, I don’t think this is ok. You’re really disrespecting me by doing that.” If someone is behaving like you feel they should be, I think they don’t like you

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