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The book of Leviticus clearly instructs us to not swear or swear falsely: “You shall not swear by your head, and by your father’s name, or your mother’s name, that you are not divine. You shall not swear by your feet, or your house, or your stones, or by your gate, that you have not seen my glory.” (Leviticus 20:1)

For more information on the biblical approach to swearing in the Bible, please follow this link.

How do you use these techniques to become more devout and less profane?

If you have already decided to be more religious, but you still want to swear less, you may try one of these five tips:
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1. Get into the habit of saying prayers, reading books, and watching devotions of the faithful.

2. Give up watching TV and turn to the Bible instead. We should keep our eye on God by following the biblical instructions for religious commitment.

3. Read scripture, and then use your Bible to teach your children the Bible (not TV!).

4. If you still want to have fun during the day, but you’re not sure how you would be able to maintain this lifestyle, try this: “Be a better person at work, in your own home, and in your family. Don’t forget that God doesn’t tolerate wickedness, dishonesty, or disrespect.”

5. If the desire is there, take the Bible and study it.

We recommend these books:

For more information on the Bible, please follow this link.

Are you concerned about taking the Bible too seriously?

Do you find yourself saying or thinking things that offend people and making them uncomfortable or angry? Is it getting in the way of your work or family? Are you constantly having to deal with people saying mean things about you and not realizing it was wrong?

If you want to stop making negative people feel like they have to deal with you all the time, you might want to read these books:

For more information on the Bible, please follow this link.

Do you feel that it is time to move on?

Do you feel that you have to prove your righteousness to God on a regular, regular basis? Do you find yourself being too involved with the Bible, too much a part of your life in general, and not being able to stop what you are doing?

If you want to be done

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