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One of the most well known verses in the Bible warns against swearing and says that “if you swear by the Lord your God, you shall not be judged”. So why have we been made to swear in any modern day oath form? Why do we have to swear by the Lord our God and by his “law” in the Bible. God gave us this “legal” oath form and it is important that we make sure that we live up to this covenantal duty.

There are many Biblical verses that caution us against swearing at the altar. The following are some examples:

I will not keep silent during my priest’s office

But let it be a matter of truth

That you hear me from heaven—

A message from the Lord, my Rock!

(Psalm 137:9)

O thou my servant,

O servant of the Lord,

Take warning—

Thy heart and head am in trouble:

Thy life and life’s works

Have failed in regard to me . . .

(Psalm 51:20–21)

The Lord has revealed himself to me:

There is no other God,

nor does he live.

His way is crooked;

his ways that lead to death.

(Psalm 37:23)

If thy servant shall swear

That Jesus Christ

Was his Lord and Savior,

and will swear by His Name

(that all the oaths of his master are true)

His master should take him by the right hand;

let him tell him to his father and mother.

And they shall bring him to the gate of his city,

and to his door a gate that no man may pass,

and let him bring him to the judge of the city.

Then the judge shall say unto them,

“Whether of the two that swear by the name of the Lord

Do thy will unto the servant? or whether he swear by God

(that he knows not the God of the oaths of his master)?”

(Exodus 24:4)

Is it acceptable, God forbid, to swear that Jesus is your savior? Would it be acceptable for a priest to swear that it was God’s will that his body would be destroyed and that none of his people would be saved? Do your actions and words reflect God

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