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A number of scriptures, including Proverbs 3:5, 2 Thessalonians 4:12, and Proverbs 27:2, state that it is a sin to drink alcohol.

Is it OK to celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah?

Christmas and Hanukkah are both considered days of Advent, meaning there’s a great chance that there’ll be light at the end of the day. The Bible says, “The days of Christmas and of the birth of the Lord are like the days of a year: they are sojourners” (Matthew 25:35).

Do Christians honor the dead?

People celebrate the holiday of Epiphany when they believe they are dying, at least temporarily. As with Epiphany, Christians believe that the spirits remain in the bodies of people they have spiritually “resurrected.” People still believe that at the time of death, the spirit will return to the body after an appropriate time of preparation has been made (Luke 24:52).

So as Christians, does Epiphany mean we should honor the dead?

Not necessarily. If you are a Christian and you have not recently died, or if you have died recently and you do not intend to be reborn on December 21st, it might be inappropriate to mark Epiphany with an appropriate celebration. But if you are thinking about becoming a Christian, you’d do well to have some sort of spiritual resurrection ceremony to mark the occasion (see What is the significance of a spiritual resurrection?), so as to help you stay within the Christian faith.

Can Easter be celebrated?

It’s true that Easter is a feast day in some Christian communities. But this is a day on which they honor not only the birth of Jesus, but also his resurrection and the coming judgment, as a reminder that Christ returns in judgment at Easter. That is why Christ and His holy people are not commemorated over Easter. It would be more appropriate to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ and His coming to pass during a period of time designated by God as Easter Sunday.

Some Christians believe that Easter is the Day of Rest, or the Day of Prayer. In Christian tradition, Easter is not the most appropriate time to commemorate the death of Christ, since it is not a day of worship for the Christian, only an occasion for remembrance. Therefore, Christians don’t really celebrate Easter in honor of Christ. This is a misunderstanding and the result of a Christian’s misunderstanding about the true meaning of the holiday.

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