How do you design a tattoo? – Back Shoulder Tribal Tattoo Designs

The first step in designing one is to have a design concept in mind which can be expanded to many sizes based on how desired. When there isn’t space available to use all designs, I usually use some of my favorites from my previous designs. I’m not one for random designs and don’t like to design something just to have a tattoo. I like to really have the best design in mind which can be easily adjusted to suit my body type. A good design can be as simple as a face or more elaborate like a snake and I like to incorporate a lot of symbols and designs to really define my personality. I feel that tattoos should also take some of their own personality into account.

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Do you have any “traditional” designs? If so, where?

I design most of my tattoos to be traditional, but my designs can be quite whimsical. I’ve designed the butterfly to be a flower and a butterfly to be a fish and most of the design ideas that I have for the snakes are just fun ideas I’ve been having since I was a kid. I tend to draw inspiration from some of the most well known artists in my country, including:

Kang Daniel and the Korean Artistic Museum


Jae Hyun Park of Tae Kim

Hyeon Gyu Kim

Yoo Young Joo

I also love doing some of the artwork pieces which are not usually seen in tattoo parlors. For example, my dragon designs are a collaboration with the Korean Artists’ School of Hong Kong and I love working with their talented artist.

What are your tattoos done in the studio? And when can you see them?

The studio is set up to have different designs available all the time on the tattoo board. So I have to select and create the designs based on the space we have available. At the moment I’m looking for a studio that has a good layout, easy to move around and also an office that is well ventilated. I have to choose where I live and work, how I design it, size and location.

Why do some designs vary so much from one person to another?

The design, size and location is mainly up to the artist. Most of my customers who come to the studio I find they have the same ideas about a design or two, but I don’t design them to be consistent. A lot of the time the person who brings in the designs just doesn’t do it

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