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What are the rules of it? Where you can do it? What are the risks? What is the punishment? We will also be visiting Madinat Jumma, Shirdi Shaikh Shaikh and Faisal Masjid where they offer haram for women. Please join us.

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Muslim women, especially from Sindh, are being told they have to wear a niqab or face veil or ‘burka’ which is a veil or a wrap around a face and is covering all the features while covering the eyes, not just the face, and is usually made of cloth as well. This will keep anyone from seeing the face. If a court in Sindh or Punjab deems them as “unclean” like the rest of the world, it will be removed from their faces. This is not something most Muslim girls want or need. When we visit Harimabad, where many girls from Pakistan live, we will also see the niqab. But this should not come as a huge surprise. Since the age of puberty many Muslims go through the process of being “grown-up”. This is where the niqab comes into play. Many Muslims also claim that it helps them get a boyfriend or marry a man of their choice.

Muslims do a lot of thinking and research on issues and take many different opinions on them. So it is hard to draw any concrete conclusions.

There are a number of laws that apply in India and they differ by city. For instance in Delhi an unmarried Muslim woman can walk in the middle of the road with a male friend, but not a married woman. If two men and one woman, one can be caught and the other will not. Also, in Delhi you can have a relationship with a Hindu man or a Muslim man. If you marry after being in a relationship with the other one, you will still get some rights, such as marriage for life or custody. A Muslim man is only allowed to have a girl who will become his wife.

While Pakistan has no laws similar to those in India, there are laws that still apply. This includes the right to marry off you daughter when she is 5 and a Muslim man must never divorce a woman or a divorced woman. Also, after a woman has had sex with the man she married her will be legally considered an unfaithful and she must be married to that man for life. The laws of Pakistan are quite good.


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