How do you design a tattoo? – Black Rose Feather Tattoo Designs For Men

To create a tattoo, we start by creating our template. These designs are not “art” and are not meant for the public. All tattoos are unique to you and their owner. Our templates are not only to show how to properly draw a tattoo but are to give you a “design blueprint.” Once you receive a template design, get the tattoo artist to customize the design for you.

When do I get my tattoo?

Once you receive the template that we have provided, it is time to go to our tattoo studio and have your first tattoo done there. You will begin with the tattooing part of the process. It is at this time you will sign your original name, ink your name and submit your signature to the studio so that you may receive your tattoo. When it is time to move to the design stage, the tattoo artist will hand you a design sheet with instructions on how to create your design in ink and what the look of the final tattoo will be. This template is used only during the tattooing stage where you will be able to see how we will ink your skin. This process is time consuming and a lot of work, so it is not a job you may do once per week. You may be tattooed only once per year with your tattoo artist.

How can I be sure I get my tattoo if we don’t have it on your studio?

To avoid any disappointment, you should ask the tattoo artist before we get you to your studio. If they are not there, or don’t have your template on set, we will not be able to accommodate you. If you do not wish to go into a studio, your best bet is to make arrangements to see your tattoo artist privately to sign you on the first session. The final design has not been finalized and won’t be on the studio floor that you will tattoo.

Where will the tattoo be done?

The tattoo artist will use a special type of ink that is a combination of the most appropriate colorants for your skin and the ideal surface for the shape of your tattoo. The tattoo artist will also ink your skin to protect your skin, give it a look and feel like your own, and allow it to grow to a permanent size.

Once I get my tattoo, is it perfect?

Each tattoo is a work of art. The only way to get it perfect is to have the tattoo artists of this studio tattoo your skin in the most accurate and efficient manner with every detail in mind

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