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A married divorced Catholic may remarry as often as necessary to get as many years as possible of your Catholic life together. The rules above have been simplified for the purposes of clarification.

Why can I marry again? A married divorced Catholic is able to marry again as often as he or she needs and wishes. But each person is allowed to do so only if: A) the first marriage ended in divorce; And

B) the second marriage ended in a new religious ceremony or agreement.

Do I need an annulment before I remarry?

No. You do not need an annulment to remarry as long as you have no other marriages. Although it is not necessary to have an annulment if your first marriage was a valid marriage and you and your spouse have been practicing together for a year or more.

Can I marry someone who has not been married in the past two years?

No, this is not permitted. To be eligible under the law, a person must always have been married to someone before, in either case, during the duration that the other marriage is valid.

Can I convert to a foreign church before I get divorced?

No. Conversion does not permit you to legally remarry. You must enter into a new religious ceremony with your divorced spouse to marry the person you are seeking to marry.

Can my spouse remarry without an annulment?

If both you and your spouse have been married in a valid marriage for one year, you may continue your marriage and remarry. The only difference would have to be that one of you must choose to remarry before the other one.

Can I enter into an annulment or divorce for a period of less than a year without an annulment?

No. You cannot enter into an annulment until more than one year after your divorce decree is accepted (usually more than one-year after the time of the final order).

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Can I marry someone other than my wife in a civil ceremony?

You can marry someone other than your spouse, but in order to do so you must first be married or enter into a valid religious ceremony.

Can a Catholic remarry without my consent?

A Catholic is not under obligation to remarry a person she has not been faithful to in the past.

Can a divorced Catholic remarry without my consent?

No. A divorce does not grant a Catholic the right

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