How does a tattoo gun work?

When was the last time you got a tattoo?

It’s pretty hard to find out, as so many other tattoos disappear. There’s been no word on when this gun will become available, but we are going to work on finding a way to bring this to the mainstream world in time for the holidays.

It happened. The New England Patriots were once again beaten by the Jets, this time by 17 points in overtime. This could not have happened earlier in the year where we were looking to win against them. If this had gone earlier, I honestly don’t know if we would have made it past the first round of the playoffs. The Patriots are a better team now then they had a month ago, but this one win was a nice bounce back win.

The Patriots will most likely move on from Jacoby Brissett to the starting quarterback job, but the injury to Tom Brady in the fourth quarter is a big blow to the team. It’s unclear if Brady’s absence will be detrimental to the team. Hopefully Brissett can handle the load. Brissett is a very experienced guy (he’s only been starting since 2014), however we can’t count him out. He’ll be a rookie for the first time.

It is still early, but it seems likely that the Patriots will sign a free agent quarterback this offseason. Most people are thinking that we’re going to be signing Kirk Cousins, but that’s another situation that doesn’t make sense. The Patriots were obviously a big loser on a big play to end the game, and this could prove to be big payback for losing to the Jets. Cousins doesn’t have any NFL rings, but there’s certainly promise here behind him.

Brissett could be the answer at QB for many reasons:

1) The Patriots are going against the Jets offense which is very good at running short passes. Brissett is known for being able to escape pressure, break off some throws for big gains, and make some impressive throws.

2) The Patriots did not allow a single touchdown. The Patriots defense is better in all phases. They are able to get pressure and force turnovers. A player like Ryan Mallett would have been a perfect fit for them. The Jets also allow a lot of first downs, which is one thing that Brissett can take advantage of.

3) Brady’s injury is serious enough that he will potentially miss the entire season.

If Brissett is the answer on the quarterback depth